Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to make best use of commute time

Lucky are those people who don't have to commute daily. But a few of us can't avoid commuting. It is no fun to spend two hours in commuting. It is time wasted.

Well, that is all one perspective. Another way of looking at it is, making use of that time in doing things which you otherwise don't.

Here are a few ideas for it:
A) Meditation: My friend meditates while she commutes. She goes to office with a fresh mind. She focuses better. Her productivity levels are high. It is one of the best ways to make use of productive time because you might not be ready to spend time on meditation otherwise.

B) Visualization: All of us have dreams. Day dreaming is not really bad. Research on brain patterns shows that those who practise visualization helps them as much as when the practise in real. If you want to be the best chess player, even if you can't play in real, practise the game in the head. It will have activate the same part of the brain which is activated during actual playing. Visualization alone doesn't take you to places but it will definitely take you a step closer to your dream.

C) Reading: Disclaimer: It is not good for eyes to read in a moving vehicle.
There is always a compensatory exercise for the damage done. So I do eye exercises for the bad habit of reading while commuting. I have read nearly 40 books in the past few months just by reading in commute time. Better option is going for audio books.

D) Writing: Initially when I started writing, I used to do it during commute time. I felt it was the best thing to do because I was always giving an excuse that I don't have time to write. On 20 working days, I could write 20 articles. Writing 500 words takes 30 minutes. Writing articles became so easy that way.

E) Journal: In the evenings, I write my diary. I dump all my office tensions in that before I reach home. It is a good way to destress.

F) Learn foreign language: I use Duolingo, memrise and Google translate to learn a new language. It just takes a few minutes every day. In a year, you will see yourself speaking decently. I take it as a compliment when someone says that I am speaking in their language well now. Thanks for the commute time.

G) Play games: Not candy crush. I don't have any hatred to it. But I don't think it is that great a strategy game. Instead play brain games, unblocked, crosswords, sudoku. Something to train your brain.

H) Mental Math: Once an MBA aspirant told me that he uses his commute time in doing mental math. That helped him increase his calculation speed and helped him land in a top B-school. All he did was revise tables. And multiply and add whatever numbers he saw on the boards on the road. Isn't it simple?

I) Talk to copassenger: I have been doing this for around 60 days now. I choose to sit with a different person everyday so that I can make a new friend. It helped me break my inertia and now I don't find it that tough to talk with a stranger.

Traditional ways to spend time
J) Sleep: I envy those who can fall asleep as soon as they get on to a moving vehicle. That is the best thing to do while commuting.

K) Listen to songs: This is another common routine. But don't do this if you are not actively listening to songs. Don't use songs as a way to shut your mind from outside.

Happy making better use of commute time!

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