Saturday, 8 July 2017

9 Characteristics of people who fail

No one wants to fail. Yet a lot of people fail year over year. People who fail have a few common characteristics. 

Check if you have any of those characteristics before failure hits you on the face.

1.You feel entitled:
You feel that world owes you success. You only talk about yourselves -what you have done, why you deserve success. You never think about others. You don't think about how you can help the world to be a better place.
Solution: Work on contributing more instead of feeling entitled.

2.You consume more than you create:
You only think about what you can take. You don't think about what you can offer. You exploit the circumstances to the fullest without giving anything back.
Solution: For everything you consume, think of ways to give it back. If you spend a day reading book, give it back in the form of sharing the review or summary.

3.You are stuck in self-pity:
You remind yourselves everyday how unlucky you are. You don't look at the positive side of their life at all.
Solution: Here is the complete guideline on how to overcome self-pity.

4.You give up at the slightest level of difficulty:
You keep pursuing something new all the time under the name of passion. Passion disappears as soon as you encounter problems.
Solution: Write your reasons on why you are giving up. Cross question the reasons. If you find even a slightest hint that you are giving up because it is difficult, push yourself to do it.

5.You don't do deliberate practise:
You are happy learning a skill. But you don't put any efforts to perfect it. As a result, you will never become a pro in it.
Solution: Whatever skill you choose, work on the intricate details of it. It is tough but worth the efforts.

6.You don't learn from mistakes: You make the same mistakes over and again because you don't care to take time out to review you.
Solution: Every time you make a mistake, do an analysis on why it happened, what you could have done differently to avoid it, what can you do now about it.

7.You don't convert your weakness to strengths: You keep covering their weaknesses temporarily to only end up with a bigger hole which You can't fill later.
Solution: Take a month time and create an exhaustive list of positives and negatives. Next write a to-do list on how to convert those positives to negatives.

8.You don't have consistent value system: You do what You feel is right today. What you feel to be right tomorrow is different from today. You are just wavering. So You never see the light of success.
Solution: This is going to take a lot of time. Even if it takes a year, keep thinking about the values you cherish the most. And have the list ready.

9.You want to put one night show: Working for one night or just before the final event never helps. Successful people have a chain of daily routines which can help you be successful.
Solution: List the routines you require to be successful in your end goal.

Happy avoiding failure traps!

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